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The position as Scotland's leading provider of SER Certificates is one we are proud of and has been achieved by providing an excellent service to both the architectural designer in terms of our input and the client in terms of our fee. In today's electronic society we can now deal with architects/architectural designers from anywhere in the UK and as such we have been involved in projects from all over Scotland and the UK.

SER Certification for building warrants

We have experience in altering / extending virtually all types of properties in the Edinburgh area and central Scotland.


We carry out structural design to many hundreds of dwellings a year which includes both alterations and extensions. We have a comprehensive archive library of projects which can be referred to should further modifications be required to your property.


We have also carried out a considerable number of conversion projects varying from offices and flats to warehouses, including several large former whisky bonds.  

Domestic alterations / extensions

Volume and bespoke house design:

• Traditional construction

• Timber frame construction

• Combination of both timber and traditional

• Combination of both metal frame and traditional



• Masonry construction

• Steel frame construction

• Reinforced concrete construction

• Timber frame construction

• Conversion of existing properties

Bespoke new housing and residential design

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